Wee Ones has always been about designing the cutest hair accessories for every little girl.  It all started nearly four decades ago when Founder Barbara Agatstein did everything she could to tame the wild mane of her only daughter, Betsy.  At the time, there were not a lot of accessories to choose from, and Barbara decided that the simple barrette needed a serious makeover!  Designing cute hair accessories became Barbara’s hobby, which turned into a passion, eventually an obsession, and ultimately, a multi-million dollar company.  Little did Wee Ones know that from its beginning in 1978, it would grow to become America’s best-known brand of infant and girl’s hair accessories!
 Run since 2010 by entrepreneurs Miles & Gina Faust, the company has made a substantial investment leading to the introduction of the WeeStay™ no slip clip, a product improvement designed for active girls (and their moms) who want their bows to stay put all day long.  As they grow the company, Miles and Gina are committed to offering the same quality hair accessories and superior customer service that Wee Ones has prided itself on for 35 years. 
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