Designer and colorful entrepreneur Laura Angotti established Rowdy Sprout in 2003. Like many great stamps in the history of success, Rowdy Sprout began as a "side project" while Laura achieved her graduate degree in costume design. At the time she became inspired by a children's shop that was owned by one of her good friends in New York City. With her carefree and fun-loving attitude for walking a different path, Laura knew that she had to do something extraordinary. Deciding to flip the coin from previous triumphs in museum installations, Laura officially graced the children's fashion industry and took root with innovative and fresh concepts.
 Over the recent years, Laura has brought nostalgia to parents abound by offering classic rocker tees to the little ones of our world. She has personally and prudently hand selected the bands and designs currently available in the Rowdy Sprout product line. Every shirt is manufactured and silk-screened by local Los Angeles companies. Each garment is intricately woven with the finest softest blends available and is made in the USA without the use of sweatshops.
Rowdy Sprout can be found in 700 boutiques nationwide and has extended to International buyers including Dublin, Paris, and Barcelona. The company has even found admiration by extensive celebrity clientele including Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts. Each band represented has been properly licensed and will enjoy the benefit of royalties for each garment sold. Most importantly, Laura Angotti has poured her heart and soul into Rowdy Sprout ensuring that the love for her product is continually enjoyed by the juniors of our generation.
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