Since 1970, Manuela de Juan has created and produced handmade high-end shoes for children. The brand began in Spain when Manuela de Juan Ponce, a 22-year-old businesswoman launched her first collection and created timeless shoe designs that are still popular today. A legacy transmitted to her children, who now run the family shoemaking business successfully. 

Located in Villena, in the heart of the Spanish shoe industry, Manuela de Juan’s own factory and corporate team work hand in hand towards a common goal: achieving outstanding customer satisfaction while respecting the environment. 

Manuela de Juan shoes are handmade by a dedicated team of skilled and passionate Spanish craftsmen. No harmful chemicals are used in the Manuela de Juan production process and all footwear is hand sewn and produced in limited volumes to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality. Manuela de Juan uses the highest quality natural materials. All leathers are sourced from Italian or Spanish tanneries and most are vegetable dyed. Vegetable-tanned leather is tanned using ingredients found in vegetable matter such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots.
Manuela de Juan leather breathes as it would in nature. It is non-irritant, soft to the touch, ages richly over time, and biodegrades naturally. The leather remains neutral regardless of temperature and does not retain sweat or odor.