Celebrating childhood for nearly three decades, Deux par Deux has seen its one-of-a-kind collections travel from Montreal to New York, Los Angeles to London, and all the way to Moscow.
Upon its creation in 1986, the Quebec-based brand took the children's fashion world by storm, setting the pace for its followers. With its stylish collections, sophisticated cuts, vibrant colors and original patterns, Deux par Deux immediately made its mark on the local and international scenes.
Cofounders Claude Diwan—current president and head designer—and Maurice Elmaleh set up shop in Montreal, the seemingly magical meeting point of North-American and European influences. Deux par Deux has developed exceptional expertise over the years, combining the best of these two worlds to create its genuine signature of ultra modern, yet timeless fashion.
Season after season, Deux par Deux creates, manufactures and distributes original creations for children of all ages. Acclaimed by the industry for their strong technical and aesthetic qualities, Deux par Deux's award-winning collections are, above all, celebrated and appreciated by the most uncompromising critics: kids! From tiny tots to youngsters who are well into the age of reason, children wear Deux par Deux with pride. Its unique creations have indeed been designed specifically for kids, who have always been the brand's proudest ambassadors.
Not only do children have an amazing ability to surround themselves with beauty and pizzazz, but they also welcome style and elegance with open arms. By the same token, kids—not to mention their activities—demand comfort. This must-have trait represents one of the finest feats Deux par Deux has achieved in its clothing design. Deux par Deux is a uniquely special unit that travels the world for you and because of you.
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