MODERN QUEEN kids is a magical luxury couture accessory brand for kids.
The collections feature sparkling jewelry, modern crowns, wings and fanciful cuffs and collars. Imagination, nature, and story are artfully brought to life in every piece in the collection. 
Handcrafted with love using the highest quality textiles and natural objects d’arte, each piece exudes imagination, whimsy, and of course, the signature MODERN QUEEN kids “sparkle.”
Every single rock, stone, feather, piece of wood, or delightful discovery has been hand-curated, painted, and sparkled. Every spool of luxurious and oh so sparkly yarn, cut of soft fabric, and unique textile has been hand gathered from lands far and wide. All of these treasures have been woven together with inspiration and love to bring the magic and beauty of the MODERN QUEEN kingdom to life.
The brand features one-of-a-kind pieces that are simple and modern yet have a timeless, vintage feel befitting the Queen's Kingdom.
Each piece in the collection instantly adds magic, beauty, and sparkle to the everyday. Or, worn with fanciful tutus and special occasion dresses - a perfect complement to dress up and imaginative play.
When a girl wears a piece from MODERN QUEEN kids, she is adorning herself with the magic of the kingdom. It carries all of the imagination, hope, beauty, and sparkle of the Queen’s land into her modern day world.
MODERN QUEEN kids is the unique creation of dear friends and modern-day Queens, Hilary Rosinkranz and Stacy Rosen. Inspired by the spirit of discovery, creativity, and wonder in their own children.