Who Says Halloween Costumes Can’t Be Fashionable

A fashion statement can be made with any outfit if the right clothes from the Amelia J. Collection are used. Our line of bold shoes and trendy toddler dresses can be used as the base for special occasions or day-to-day wear. It shouldn't come as a surprise when we suggest that they can even work for a holiday, such as Halloween. The following is a list of a few of our favorite ways to dress toddlers up in a costume using our clothes:


This costume is really easy to accomplish. Go to our online boutique to purchase one of our tutu dresses in pink or black and a pair of ballet flats from our selection. Add a pair of pink tights to go with the ensemble. After dressing her in the tutu, pin her hair up into a bun. Don't forget to accent her nails with some of our toddler's nail polish.

Victorian Ghost Lady

To make your toddler look like a ghost from the Victorian era, buy one of our rose papier dresses from our collection of holiday dresses for kids and a cream-colored scarf. Add white tights and white shoes to compliment her clothes. Then, paint her face, so it looks pale. Add a bit of eye-shadow around the eyes. Her hair should be curled into little ringlets that fall down her shoulders.

Mermaid Girl

Toddlers will love dressing up like a mermaid when they get to wear clothes from our boutique. To complete this look, you have two options. Either purchase one of our green dresses or buy one of our mermaid scale outfits. The set of mermaid scales is made up of knit pants with a matching top that are covered with a pattern that looks like scales. Paint her face to match. Don’t forget to use hair-gel to make her hair look wet.

Each one of these Halloween costume ideas is classic yet fashionable!

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