Where Children's Fashion Meets Function

Our favorite tip for new mothers is to dress your little girl how you want to while you still can! Children develop their own preferences and sense of style early on at a young age. As the parent, you can certainly influence the style, but give your child some choices in what they want to wear. The goal is for your child to be independent in how they dress, although you don’t want her outfit to be cringe-worthy whenever you walk out the door.

When thinking about the functional side of your child’s clothing, ask yourself a few simple questions before making that purchase.

  1. Is it functional? While organza and lace might be appropriate and stylish for a formal occasion, it would not be a very functional choice for everyday dressing.
  2. Is it comfortable? Every mother has fought this battle! If the clothing is tight, “itchy,” or otherwise uncomfortable, they are just not going to wear it without a fight! That simple.
  3. Does this piece of clothing facilitate movement? Remembering the ultimate goal is to be independent, you do not want to dress your child in clothing that restricts movement in any way (think Ralphie’s little brother in the movie "The Christmas Story).
  4. Will this piece help my child become independent in dressing herself? Tight buttonholes, hooks, or any type of fastener that your child cannot manipulate is going to always require someone else to help them dress.

Now that we’ve addressed the functional side, let’s talk about trendy and fashionable kids’ clothes! Here are some ideas to help you build your little fashionista’s wardrobe without blowing the family budget.

Do not hesitate to accept hand-me-downs from friends and family. You can extend your child’s wardrobe by mixing in some of those gently worn pieces. We encourage mixing in those budget-friendly items or hand-me-downs with quality designer pieces from our online boutique.

When dressing your child for the day, be practical and consider what your day will look like. Just like adults, you can plan your little girls’ stylish outfits to work in different settings. For example, if you have a dinner to attend after school, dress your little girl in a simple, casual dress for the daytime, then style and accessorize for the evening. Add a cardigan or cute vest, change out the tennis shoes for her trendy flats, and your daughter is fashionably good-to-go. Don’t forget a cute headband or hair bow to complete the outfit.

 Invest in quality children’s clothing when coordinating pieces. Check out Amelia J Collection for trendy children’s clothes your daughter will be sure to love! By purchasing tops and bottoms that mix and match, you can put together a number of cute outfits as well as give your little girl the independence to choose what she wants to wear. Just take a little time to plan, and your little one is well on her way to developing her own personal style!

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