What's Trending in the World of Designer Girls Fashion

The rise of micro-fashion has many parents wondering what this year will bring in designer girls clothes. Be on the lookout for stripes and sneakers to mix and match with your existing pieces, as well as easy elegance and athletic-inspired ensembles to be in step with this year's most fashionable people. Though it is important to let your child decide on her own sense of style, it doesn't hurt to give her a few new options in trendy childrens clothes to amp up her wardrobe, as you add more to your own.


"Stripes are the equivalent to what a white t-shirt used to be back in the day," says Roopal Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue. "They have nine lives. We've seen the trend now for two to three seasons and it will continue to carry forward." No matter what the age is of your little diva, grab a few shirts and pants in this versatile print. You will find them in many forms throughout the coming year.


Not only comfortable, sneakers have come a long way from being just kids fashion shoes character advertising or expensive teenage fashion fantasies. They come in all colors and patterns, ensuring you can use them for the most popular fashion kids clothing trends, including being the last detail of athletic-inspired outfits, as well as the finishing touch for easy elegance looks. Get a few pairs featuring bejeweled designs for extra bling wherever you and your little fashionista travel.

Athletic-Inspired Pieces

Stylish little girl clothes do not have to be all frills and lace (unless, of course, your little princess demands it). If your mini-me is more into sports, or at least is more comfortable in less formal clothing, you can easily work her taste in fashion into the latest activewear designs. For example, pair an oversized striped shirt with a pair of one of the newest patterns in leggings. Get a solid-colored pair for a laid-back look, or have her slip on a pair in the same color scheme but a totally different style of print for a bold take on a classic ensemble. Finish it off with a stylish hoodie so she stays fashionably warm.

Easy Elegance Ensembles

Feminine touches do not have to be limited to only holiday dresses for kids, with the newest designer girls fashion trends. Grab a ruffled dress to pair with her favorite leggings to be comfortable and fine. Add a pair of the latest sparkle-encrusted sandals or comfortable dress shoes, to inspire others with her air of effortless style.

The new arrivals at trendsetting stores show fashion moving towards these trends, offering a few quality children's clothing items that are sure to be the envy of your local peewee neighborhood.

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