Top Ten Gift Ideas for the Stylish Toddler

One of the best gifts to give a little one for any special occasion is a selection of designer toddler clothes and accessories. They will love trying on the fun, new outfits and wearing them on play dates. Since a lot of fashion stores don't cater to small children, finding the perfect quality children's clothing isn't easy. Luckily, you can order everything you want from the Amelia J. Collection of little girl clothes online. Read on for a list of ten of the top gifts to give your favorite stylish toddler.

  1. Woven Band Cowboy Hats

These tiny cowboy hats can be worn by either boys or girls. They come in a natural brown color that matches any outfit. You can pair them with jeans and a tank-top or a flannel dress and boots.

  1. Small Change Big Dreams Purse

This small purse can be used for holding spare change, tiny make-up sets, or even a special toy. Not to mention, it coordinates with all of our stylish toddler clothes.

  1. XO Sunglasses

These adorable hugs and kisses sunglasses will protect the eyes and keep kids looking cool. They come in pink, so be sure to match them up with a casual set of trendy clothes.

  1. Tutu Dress

Make your favorite little girl feel like a princess in this gorgeous tutu dress. It comes in red, purple, blue, black, and pink. Don't forget to purchase some fashionable shoes when you buy several of these tutus (ballerina flats would really complete the look).

  1. Cotton Candy Nail Polish

We offer nail polish in lots of fun colors, such as cotton candy pink. Be sure to order several bottles of it, so no one gets left out.

  1. Whistle Ribbon Necklace

Our fun necklaces have a cute whistle tied onto a colorful ribbon. They can be worn with all of our outfits.

  1. Rose Papier Dress

This dress gets its name from the soft, rose-hued fabric that it is made of. Trendy dresses like this work best with some of our dress shoes or flats.

  1. Mermaid Scales Short-Sleeve Top and Leggings

Our mermaid outfit is made of soft,breathable fabric that is covered with pink “scales.” Add a piece from our outerwear to tie the outfit together.

  1. Rocky Headband Crown

We have both gold and pink headbands that are shaped like a crown. Match them up with some of our holiday dresses and other designer clothes.

  1. Scarves

A neck-scarf is the best accessory to children's clothing because it’s easy and quick. Not only is this perfect for you, but it’ll also be perfect for her. She can throw it on a plain outfit to give it a little pop!  

One of the best gifts to give a little girl for a special occasion is an article of fashionable toddler clothes and accessories. Gifting any of these ideas would surely make her style shine.

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