The Importance of Letting Your Child Dress Herself- No Matter What The Outcome

With all of the parenting advice out there and the contradictory information about what is best and what is not to raise a child to be a successful and happy adult, you would think that fashion "dos and don'ts" wouldn't be so controversial. The micro-fashion industry is coming out with more and more options for designer girls clothes every season, more child-rearing experts and those who are simply very opinionated are weighing in on how far you should let your child go when it comes to style. After much research, it simply boils down to letting your child dress herself, no matter what the outcome. Well, within a few common sense guidelines, of course.

Proper Attire for Formal Affairs

Susan Engel, Ph.D., a child-development expert at Williams College, in Williamstown, Massachusetts states in the article 4 Rules for Letting Your Child Dress Herself on the Parents Magazine website, "Kids this age can't—and shouldn't—make decisions about their school or bedtime, but they can choose what outfit they want to wear, as long as it's within reason.” It goes on to offer the example of you wouldn't want you child showing up to a formal wedding in a crop top and flip-flops. So, for important events, give your daughter a few designer toddler dresses to choose from for the affair, but let her pick out her favorite sweater to wear to the reception hall. It can always be removed before you enter the establishment if need be.

Comfortable Clothes for Growing Bodies

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their clothing, so if the newest stylish little girl clothes don't seem to feel right to your little gal, take it as seriously as you would if you were to be uncomfortable in an outfit. It could be as simple as the tag is bothering her to a more profound self-conscious issue like she doesn't want her arms exposed. This is a time to not only learn about your growing mini-me's own personal tastes in the latest fashionable kids clothes trends, it is also a time to learn more about her personality, as well. Cut a tag out, add a cute coverup sweater, or even exchange it for a whole new outfit completely to match her newest color obsession. Make your next shopping session looking for quality children's clothing at your favorite kids fashion boutique a bonding opportunity along with a fun girls' day out.

Give Her Growing Lessons

Sure, your little princess may get teased for pairing the latest feminine holiday dresses with superhero sneakers. This allows her the opportunity to choose individuality over peer pressure. Yes, the latest in athletic-inspired fashion kids clothing options may not be your choice for the little girl you love to put in the frilliest trendy toddler dresses you can find, but that will not change the fact that she is still your little princess. Let her discover for herself how much self-expression can help shape the young lady she wants to be as she gets older.

So, in short, do not waste your energy on the outdated adage that a gold skirt does not go with bright flowered leggings. Save the battles for modesty and safety concerns, such as shorts that are too short to be appropriate in school or slippery soled trendy toddler shoes instead of sandals at the waterpark.

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