The Best Dressed Kids on Instagram

To save all of our customers some time, we've scoured the internet for a glimpse at what the latest trends are for children's clothing that have recently been posted on Instagram. And we found some exciting new outfit ideas from major designers that are hitting the market right now because of the transition in seasons. The clothing is cool and sophisticated, but still incredibly cute. So without further ado, we present to you the trends of the best dressed kids on Instagram.

Geometric Shapes on a White Backdrop

The splashes of color are being kept a little more simple for boys this season, especially when it comes to shirts. Tanks and t-shirts never seem to go out of style, but their prints and colors always change a little bit. Right now, it's all about keeping things light or white with small geometric shapes and pictures on just a small section of the front. This pattern is getting added to pullover polo-style shirts too.

Skinny Jeans and Shorts

Thankfully, the baggy jean look for boys has well passed the fashion scene. Now, it's all about well-fitting, slender jeans in dark blue. Rolling them up to the middle of the calves for a beachcomber look is big and they are being paired up with some pull-on sandals with straps. To copy this look, leave out the socks. Trim, skinny shorts that fall just below the knee are also popular.

 Tulle Dresses

Over the top, tulle dresses are really popular for girls. And just like in the boy's fashion trends, color is getting kept to a minimum, except for the patterns. Go for white or pale yellow dresses with really full skirts. A huge flower print on the shoes, handbag, or hat will keep the outfit from looking too low-key. Replace the usual matching tights with long, knee-length socks, or skip them all together.

Leggings and Jeggings

Every little one needs several pairs of leggings in their closet full of designer toddler clothes. They are getting matched up with skirts for the girls and tiny tank tops for the boys. Keep the colors and prints subtle. One ultra-cute trend for little girls leggings is ruffles and lace sewn on the bottom of the pant legs.

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