Sustainable Fashion Trends for Kids

Sustainability is becoming a way of life for many people concerned about our natural resources, as well as the footprint we are leaving on earth. It comes as no surprise that it has reached the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion trends for kids offer a whole new (and old) set of options in quality children's clothing.

Handmade and Homespun

Learning to knit and sew is not just for conventional housewives anymore. Many parents are turning a hobby into creating their own designer girls clothes at home. If you are not interested or do not have the skill set to create garments on your own, others are turning to local crafters for everything from unique winter hats and other outerwear accessories to complete special occasion outfits.

Recycling and Upcycling Clothes

The less waste movement has trendsetters scoping out thrift stores and vintage shops to fill their wardrobes. This includes everything from trendy toddler shoes to kids fashion shoes to dress their little ones in style, while still do their part of saving quality pieces landfills. Many new companies offer clothing options their designers have upcycled from other garments, such as underwear made from old T-shirts. The old adage of “hand-me-downs” is quickly turning into a hand up in the fashion industry.

Accessorize Responsibly

To start teaching sustainability at a young age and let her pick out accessories that help the earth. Choose refillable water bottles over the prepackaged water bottles at the store in her favorite color of featuring her favorite fantasy character, which you can find at almost any retail or department store. She'll be the most stylish one at the lunch table as you pack her goodies in colorful snack boxes from online boutiques, instead of plastic baggies. Show her ways to be chic and conscious of the ways each of us can make a difference for the environment.

From Faux Pas to Faux Fashionable

The popularity of faux leather (aka pleather or vegan leather) has created an opportunity for other companies to seek alternatives to animal-based materials. Fashion innovation will continue to soar, not only in designs but in fabrics and new types of synthetic material.

So, as you check out the newest designer toddler clothes for your littlest fashionista, take some time to really check out the latest sustainable fashion trends for kids. You might find a few options to spice up your wardrobe this season, as well.

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