Staples for Every Child's Wardrobe

Mothers have the daunting responsibility of making sure their children are dressed appropriately for each season and every occasion. Essentially, this means keeping them warm in the winter months and cool in the summer, all while maintaining a trendy and fashionable look for your little girl or toddler. Shopping is an enjoyable activity, but it’s not always fun and games trying to get our little girls dressed in their warm winter sweater when they’re itching to wear their designer Easter holiday dress made for spring. As key players in these frustrating morning situations, we’ve discovered one crucial “life hack”: fully stock your child’s closet with the essential staples that you, yourself, might even keep on deck as well. Of course, we are advocates of keeping up with the latest trends and designer toddler fashions, but it is vital to start with the basics and expand from there. We’ve compiled a list of some recommended must-haves below:

  1. Black Tights

Would you consider your wardrobe complete if you weren’t stocked with numerous pairs of opaque black tights? You know it’s a good time to whip out the black tights when your little girl is insisting on wearing her favorite dress with her snow boots.

  1. Jean Jacket

This must-have is great for transitioning from summer to fall and from spring to summer. Accessorize her jacket with patches and pins to keep up with the latest trends and appease her creative side. A jacket complemented with these fun and trendy additions is sure to be loved by any child.

  1. Solid-Color Shirts (long- and short-sleeved)

It is widely known that girls love bright colors. So, it won’t be too difficult to get that pretty yellow or pink shirt on your child when you’re running late and are low on clean clothes in the morning. Solid-color shirts are easy to pair with those designer patterned pants, shorts, or skirts. A basic item such as this won’t take too long to find its perfect match.

  1. Black Boots

Have you ever seen mid-calf black boots on a toddler? It may just be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! Boots can be paired with pants, skirts, or dresses and can be worn from school to violin lessons, and even to play dates. Easy to slip on and off, boots are the quintessential item for your little girl’s closet.

  1. Things That Sparkle

Nothing is more enticing or fun to wear than a sequined shirt or a sparkly headband. Having metallic leggings, rhinestone-detailed jeans, and sweaters with shiny buttons at hand will turn getting dressed for school from a burdensome chore into an activity to look forward to.

When our children look fashionable, it reflects our style and tastes as well. Not to mention, our girls often want to dress just like their mothers. Having some of these items in your closet as well will lead your daughter by example of quality fashions and the art of dressing to impress. Now, whether you allow your daughter to pair that jean jacket with her new favorite Tutu Du Monde skirt for a trip to the dentist is entirely up to you. At least she’s wearing her jacket!

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