Sending Your Little Girl Back to School in Style

It won't be long before it is time to start school again. That means parents are already beginning to buy school supplies and look for fashionable outfits for their little ones to wear this fall. This is why the Amelia J. Collection has geared up with all the latest trendy children’s clothes. Read on for a list of some of the newest styles to look for in our kids fashion boutique.


Large, over-the-top bows are in this season for kids fashion. They are being added to all kinds of clothing, especially shirts. Tucked away in the center of a perfectly pressed collar, they offer a neat, well-groomed appearance that’s a nice look for school.

Gathered Skirts

Full skirts that are gathered at the waist are a big relief in comparison to the pencil skirts of the past. They allow for more freedom of movement that children need to run and play. Be sure to choose the knee-length variety that follows your school’s dress-code.

Vintage Everything

One neat new trend in stylish toddler clothes, that is predicted to be everywhere in fashion this fall, is the vintage look. Dresses and sweaters in pale pink and ivory that are decorated with tiny buttons and 1920's style lace from our boutique will be perfect. The shoes that go with them have to be patent leather in a matching color.


Faux fur will be making a comeback this fall. However, since it can be a bit overpowering in large amounts, it is best to stick to subtle hints on accessories and jackets. Look for it on boots and other types of toddler shoes.


Bright, bold flowers that are splashed across stylish girl clothes to make a statement have continued to be in fashion since spring. This fall, they will be a more subdued with oranges and dark violet shades. Don't forget to buy a matching handbag to complete the ensemble.

Follow these classic trends and you will be sending your little girl back to school in style.

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