Putting Together a Stylish Playdate Wardrobe for Your Little Girl

This year's fashion trends for little girls are all about lace and frills. But that doesn't mean that the outfits that you put together can't be functional and comfortable too. Read on for a few easy wardrobe ideas for your little one's next playdate.

Floral Designs

Large floral patterns are big right now, especially those that have roses. Blue, pink, and red are the most favorable. Pick out a full, frilly skirt with the pattern, then pair it up with a ruffled t-shirt and some sandals. Add a rose-shaped hair accessory that is in the same color of the floral pattern of the skirt, and she'll be ready to go.

Mismatched Separates

Mixing checks with stripes is so adorable on little girls. Black, red, and white in a color scheme works the best. One of the biggest trends is striped knit pants with ruffles on the bottom that are paired with a checked knit shirt. Don't forget to give her a tiny pair of black kids fashion shoes and a matching purse to accessorize. Opt for knee-length socks that are also mismatched.

The Ballerina Look

All little girls love dressing up as a ballerina, even if they aren't in dance class yet. One of the cutest playdate ideas is to get together with all the other moms, so all the little girls come dressed up in tutus, tights, and ballet flats. Put on some classical musical, and let them dance their hearts out.

Denim and Lace

On days that have chilly weather, dress your little girl in a warm denim jacket that is a deep shade of blue. Pair it up with a white cotton dress that has lace trim at the bottom. To cover her legs, you can add either a pair of white, woolen tights that are opaque or some ankle-length white socks.


If the playdate is going to be at the park, she is going to need some stylish little girls clothes that will allow her to move freely while looking totally fashionable. For this, we recommend some tumble-wear. That means, sturdy cotton pants in dark colors and a well-fitting cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Clip her hair into a side ponytail if it is long enough, or braid it down her back. Add a headband that matches her shirt.

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