How to Choose Outfits For Your Family's Holiday Card

It’s that time of year again - the mistletoe is up, the stockings are hung, and the kids are rambunctious as they await a certain someone’s arrival.  Although gifts might make the kids merry this time of year, mothers tend to find joy in something a bit simpler: the family holiday card.

With just a little planning, it is easy to get that perfect family shot.  Whether it is taken in your backyard or in a studio, it’s important to go for a look that complements the whole family.  In a season full of fashionable kids clothes and quality pieces for mom and dad, here are a few tips to consider when picking the perfect outfit for the holiday card:


Avoid Matching Outfits

It’s time to put the days of white turtlenecks and jeans behind us.  With designer toddler dresses, casual sweaters, pressed shirts, and loafer shoes, there is no reason to look like you’re straight out of the 1990s.  There are quite a few stylish clothing options available for each member of your family.  Whether you go for a formal or casual look, stick with a style that will make the whole family comfortable.


Build the Color Scheme

Select an outfit for one person in the picture and use it as the foundation to build an appropriate color scheme.  Whether it is taken from your little girl’s trendy holiday dress or dad’s killer tie, pick a color scheme that works for everyone.  Neutral tones with a little pop of color will create a very cohesive look that is sure to photograph well.  Of course, it is natural to want to add in the classic Christmas red and green, but do so with hints of blues and yellows.  This will allow all of your family members to mix and match colors, while also staying somewhat coordinated.  Be careful of patterns- mixing plaids and patterns can look busy and will not complement the overall photo.


Add Pops of Color

Layers are a great way to add pops of color to your portrait.  Throw a Santa hat on dad and an emerald green scarf on mom to add a little something extra to your photo.  Consider a big colorful hair bow for your daughter or a slick bowtie for your son.  Layer your look even further with sweaters, hats, or gloves to add additional color.  Just stick with one color for your pop: all red or all green, or even navy or fuchsia.


Be Mindful of the Background

If you are going with a colorful background, such as a decorated tree or a mantle laden with stockings, go with solid color clothing choices so you do not clash with the background. A more formal look with black and white does well with a busy background.

For outdoor shots, consider bright colors. Subtle greens, browns, and khakis may blend into the background too much. Also, try to avoid white if your background is snowy. Bundle everyone up and add with hats, scarfs, mittens and other accessories that align with your color scheme.


Lay Out the Outfits

Lay out all the outfits on the floor or bed to see how all the clothes and accessories work together. Add and subtract items as needed to get the look you want.  Remember, it is important to keep a similar color palette, add pops of color through layers of clothing, and have an idea of an appropriate background.

Whether your portraits are taken by professional photographers or you are in a DIY mood this year, taking a little extra time to coordinate the family outfits will make for better looking pictures. You can produce a masterpiece you will be proud to share with friends and family. If you do choose to style your family around your child’s holiday dress, visit Amelia J Collection’s online boutique to find a wealth of trendy children’s clothes to choose from.

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