Five Trendy Summer Shoe Styles Toddlers Must Have

The summer season is here, and it is time to turn up the heat when it comes to fashion. As usual, designer toddler clothes are getting a much needed makeover, especially when it comes to shoes. If you are just as excited about the new trends as we are, read on to hear about the brand new take on the cutest generation of kid's items ever!

 Dress-up Flats With Disney Characters

Disney characters never go out of style, but this summer they will be even more popular thanks to the new Beauty and the Beast movie that was recently released. Every little girl is going to want a pair of tiny dress-up flats with a princess picture or little tea cups on them.

Attached Animal Designs

Both socks and shoes are getting some crafty animal pictures on them. Some will have the design printed directly onto the sides. Others will have a pop-out animal that is so soft your little one won't mind getting dressed up in them in the morning. Tigers and bears are the most popular for boys. And little girls are going for bunnies and kittens.

 Bold Flower-Printed Cuties

Large flower prints are super popular for girl's clothing this year, and this trend is being passed on to shoe styles too. Flats, sandals, and rain boots are all getting covered in them. Large poppies, roses, and daffodils are getting snatched up first. We love this look because everything matches so well. But feel free to mix up all your flower prints when you dress up your little girl. She will feel like a princess in any of them.

Patent-Leather Classics

Both boys and girls are getting dressy patent-leather shoes for formal events this summer. The look is classic in black and light brown for the boys. Little girls will be wearing a similar design in plain, glossy black with flowers that are stitched onto the toes and some extra accessories. Pair them up with some long, knee-length socks this year, since the ankle-length type is temporarily not in fashion.

 Jelly Flip Flops

Playtime will be so much fun in a pair of soft, jelly flip flops to run around in. They don't irritate delicate skin around the toes the way that other plastic versions of them do, which is why they are getting sold out fast. Some pairs of sandals cause blisters, so little ones have to wear a pair of socks with them, but not these. So don't forget to order yours from the Amelia J. Collection today.

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