Are You Raising a Future Fashion Designer? Here's How to Tell

Are you raising a future fashion designer? These four telltale signs show that your little girl may grow up to be more than just a fashionista. Your toddler may just be the trendsetter who dresses the fashionistas and their children by designing fashionable kids clothes or trendy adult lines.

Picks Out Her Own Outfits

Many children like to pick out their own clothes and there aren’t enough parents who actually let them do it! In fact, even Parents Magazine featured an article on its website entitled, “Letting Kids Choose What They Wear.” It discusses the importance of letting kids have choices in their wardrobes. From avoiding pet peeves like tight shirts for the sake of comfort to not wanting to wear certain styles or cuts just because they do not feel good in them, children should have the ultimate say in what they wear. For example, if your little girl only wants to wear her designer toddler dresses, let her do it! Pair them with leggings or other trendy bottoms to keep her warm during colder months.

Picks Out Outfits for Others

Another sign that you're raising a future fashion designer is if she tries to dress you or other family members as well as herself. Does your little one love to go through your closet and create outfits for you to wear? Does she lament siblings about their lack of fashion sense? Does she search for designer girls clothes in stores and clothing from a favorite kids boutique online? If she has any of these traits, it may mean you may have a budding designer in your midst.

Has Her Own Sense of Style

An aspiring fashion designer often pours over magazines studying trends in childrens clothes, as well as the latest trends in adult fashion. A child may experiment with many different looks she sees in the magazines before deciding on one that showcases her unique personality. Let her have fun with styles such as European children's clothing, and other quality children's clothing options. Help her mix and match pieces in her wardrobe to create entirely new outfits for different occasions.

She’s Interested in Art

A fashion designer is an artist who uses people as their canvases and fabric as their medium. If your child is interested in art in any shape or form, from drawing figures and clothes to painting with bold colors, he or she could possibly be on the path to joining the fashion industry. Creating marketable clothing lines is more than just knowing the correct shapes and cuts that flatter different body types, it is also about working with colors and patterns to invent styles no one has seen or thought of before. If your little one doodles and sketches or likes to create anything artistic, you may be looking into design schools before you know it!

Encourage kids to express themselves in their appearances and take the opportunity to play around with your style, as well. You never know; you may just be able to claim the distinction of being the first “client” of the future fashion designer you are raising!

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