5 Tips For Getting Children to Give Picture Perfect Poses

When it comes to our precious kids, every day is a great day for capturing funny faces, darling holiday dresses and special milestones as treasured keepsakes. But sometimes it can be a little challenging to get kids into the picture-taking mood, especially if anything remotely sounds like ‘please sit still.’

And what about their outfits? Will a child actually care that her stylish toddler clothes need to be kept clean or wrinkle free? Just for the humor of it, let's assume possible moments happen when a princess wants to see what is on the other side of that camera instead of what is supposed to be sitting in front of it. The perfect pose is gone, the moment is gone and the dress is in all sorts of a disarray.

That's where we can help. Getting little girls and toddlers to give in to the perfect picture pose is definitely a team effort. These five handy tips are little tools photographers of all levels need to know:


There are a plethora of exceptional fashion kids clothing choices for camera-ready kiddos to have fun in. Not only do adorable outfits like the ones at our girls online boutique look great, they hold up to children's extra spunk. Quality children's clothing can handle the ups and downs of toddling about. Brightly colored outfits and european children’s clothing are also handy options during those memory-making photograph opportunities.


It never hurts to do a little homework before taking your baby to the photographer's studio or backyard make-shift studio for that matter. One of the best tips for a successful pose is to make sure your baby has been fed and burped, if necessary, prior to the sitting.  It may sound silly, but no one wants a cranky toddler who’s itching to eat before a photo session!


Who ever said that picture-perfect poses had to be stiff and lifeless? One of the best tips we can provide for the most memorable picture perfect pose is to let the child show some of her personality. That means if she squirms with delight, then perfect. If she reaches up for the camera, perfect. When she poses herself like a leapfrog, perfect. These types of naturally occurring toddler behaviors create memories for a lifetime.


Not everyone relies on a professional photographer for great photos. Anyone can be an amateur photographer with a little help. Just remember, kids are all about energy. Honing in on that energy is all about the right shutter speed. Make sure shutter speed capacities are higher for your little girl as she jumps up to catch that butterfly!


Getting the very best picture perfect pose means understanding a young child's thinking. Crowds or a group of friends may be very distracting to her when trying to capture her photogenic attention. One on one is much better.

Kids will be kids. Keep those fabulous posing opportunities light and airy. Enjoy the moments now and those picture-perfect poses for years to come.

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