10 European Fashions You'll Want to Dress Your Child In

European styles for children are seen as being a bit more chic than those styles advertised by other countries. While American designs rely on clothes showcasing cartoons and movies aimed at the young audience, European styles have proven not to be as such. They are far more sophisticated than their American counterparts in ways that will have parents flocking to these design choices. To be ready for the oncoming season, here are ten European fashions for your children that will have you extremely satisfied.


Trendy toddler shoes have often mimicked the styles available for adults. This year, moccasins have made a comeback. They are warm, comfortable, and allow for stability as well. For girls, the specific style to follow is the Maryjane option. They are classic looking and will serve to go with any outfit you put your toddler in.

White Shorts

Some parents are a little cautious about putting their children in white, mostly because of the risk of stains of various types. However, white shorts have made their way into trendy children's clothes once more. The key here is to make certain they are durable and will release stains easily. White shorts can pair with many tops that jean designs otherwise would not work.

Denim Rompers

Rompers have been a staple feature for many children's outfits, especially for toddlers. However, older children can now make use of this item, especially if it is made of denim. This fabric is very durable and wears a long time so that it can be a lasting staple in your child's collection.

Overalls Once More

For a long time during recent decades, the overall was a popular choice for children. Once more, this choice is durable and withstands a great deal of wear and tear. From a parent's perspective, it also makes for a garment that is easy to wear and pairs with almost any kind of t-shirt, short sleeved or long.

Off the Shoulder

For a more mature look, off the shoulder tops and dresses are making a statement in children's clothes, even for trendy toddler dresses. They offer a sense of sophistication that can hardly be matched.

Prints Galore

Again, bold prints are coming back and overriding bright colors or designs with a small print in one focal area. They bring an adorable sense of fashion to children's clothes.


This clothing choice has been a staple in baby and toddler trends for many years. They are often easy to clean and can either be paired with shorts, pants, or bare legs.

Mix Matched Prints

The best way to go nowadays for trendy children's fashion is to mix and match prints. They should look appealing together, though.

Jackets with Everything

During the cooler months, a jacket can be a staple to keep a baby warm. However, they can also pull together an outfit that otherwise might not fit in design.

Stripes Again

As with adult fashion choices, stripes have once returned from the past. The more geometric and colorful they are, the better they look.

Whatever you choose to dress your baby, toddler, or child in, be sure it matches these designs from Europe. Not only are they trendy now, but they will also serve to remain trendy for years to come.

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